Innovation, integration and stability are the three cornerstones of Cabel’s approach to the challenges that characterize the banking IT sector within the competitive context of the third millennium.

A new model for turning technological innovation into a real development asset.


Banks that choose Cabel’s outsourced services can rely on advanced technologies that enable them to fully manage their information system, both in terms of software and hardware. The offer is completed by the help desk service that delivers fast and professional customer assistance. Thanks to Cabel’s outsourced services, banks can rely on one of the most advanced information systems, with a significant reduction in time to market and maintenance costs.


Cabel offers applications for a full range of banking activities. Each sector is managed by Core Banking Cabel, which translates the bank’s strategic and operational choices into practice. Its agile and reactive structure allows to reduce time to market, from the solution’s ideation process to its final implementation. This experience has facilitated the development of strong vertical skills in the management of custom solutions, functional to the bank’s needs.


Cabel data centers ensure compliance with technical and operational standards. Cabel services are subjected to service levels (SLA) in order to deliver optimal quality monitoring services. Business Continuity is available to customers to guarantee compliance with the Italian banking regulations


Cabel offers complete integrated systems and solutions that are interfaceable with third party systems. In this way, the system chosen by the bank is able to interact with numerous external components. Cabel’s solutions make it possible to migrate quickly from other management platforms and integrate external supplier modules with the Cabel information system and vice versa. Also, Cabel has been working for many years with foreign banks and their Italian branches and has developed over time a strong expertise in the integration of parent company systems.


Cabel provides a Help Desk service for all operational control and application monitoring activities. The service caters to both bank employees and bank customers. Cabel’s Help Desk offer includes: monitoring and reporting dedicated to the activity involved; shared service level agreements (SLA); an advanced trouble ticket system that enables to rationalize and automize procedures. A dedicated toll-free number is active for the latter.


Cabel provides a high-profile Business Process Outsourcing service that perfectly integrates with the information system.

• Back office supervisory reports
• Back office finance and securities
• Back office payment systems
• Back office accounting


Cabel has devised an automated process for digitally managing and archiving documents, and as such, it is possible to store documents in electronic rather than paper format, with considerable savings in terms of management costs and environmental impact. Substitute archiving guarantees the legal validity of documents over time as well as their enforceability towards third parties, always in compliance with the law in force.


The Certified Biometric Digital Signature service is in line with the current regulations and enables to streamline operational processes linked to customer communication.


Cabel makes available to its customers a certified e-mail management service.

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