Banca Reale

Technological innovation for sales networks and territorial coverage


Banca Reale turned to Cabel to develop a solution for automating sales processes related to banking products through work-flows and the digitization of specific phases thereof. In particular, the bank required a user-friendly front-end application for branches and channels of financial consultants and agencies, with the possibility of using it also on the move.


Cabel’s project foresees the adoption of advanced technologies for developing a platform (BRIO) to enable:
– automation of sales processes through work-flows;
– document digitization;
– adoption of digital signatures;
– survey and optimization of customer information files;
– placement of products on the move and in the absence of Internet connection;
– compliance management according to the current regulations;
– reduction of back-office costs.


Thanks to BRIO, banks are able to simplify and speed up their back-office operations while enhancing the product distribution process, thanks to the possibility of operating on the move and in the absence of Internet connection.

Thanks to .banca, Banca Reale was able to implement a model for the remote distribution of its own products, where sales and service provision processes can take place irrespective of the branch location.

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