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Maintaining corporate competitiveness calls for training

A passion for the pursuit of excellence through continuous improvement characterizes Cabel’s modus operandi. We believe in the strong tie between technological innovation and a focus on people, a perfect dichotomy that leads to true development.

For this reason, Cabel decided to introduce a complete training course addressed to its customers to enable them to pursue objectives related to H.R.development.

Investing in Human Resources with an aim to expanding specific technical competencies and transversal skills helps keep the company flexible, reactive and always ready to seize opportunities.


Cabel’s formational offer is articulated according to learning paths entailing professional preparation programmes focused on two main themes:

  • Technical contents, focused on the specific knowledge of the position held and the tools needed to improve operational effectiveness;
  • transversal contents, linked to the overall development of Human Resources regardless of the position held, both in terms of organizational behaviour and personal awareness.

Two different training approaches are available:

  • intercompany learning paths available to multiple companies at the Cabel headquarters;
  • project-based paths tailored to meet companies’ specific needs

Cabel Training model

Based on highly qualified teaching staff with a non-academic approach and great flexibility in approaching the training programs.

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