The demands of the banking

In an increasingly fast, competitive and digital market, banks are aware of the fact that changes must be made if they want to increase their performance and retain/improve their position in the market.

In order to accomplish such objectives, they need to focus on:

Flexibility and speed

in responding to changes in the digital age while minimizing time to market as much as possible;



Proper data management

to reduce the risk of redundancy or inconsistency of the data itself

Lowering costs

Main expected advantages:

  • Better management of technological resources
    due to the solution’s flexible and efficient code structure.
  • Reduced time to market
  • Modularity of the information system
    enabling configuration and adoption of single, self-consistent modules based on the customer’s specific needs
  • A new core-banking system that enables open and digital banking
    thanks to a natively suitable architecture paradigm , as opposed to custom application solutions.
  • Full autonomy in terms of platform development
    through a framework that allows users to operate the software in complete independence.
  • Parametrized daily interests,
    commission calculation and related accruals.
  • Event driven general ledger
    with configurable unlimited depth levels

Cabel and Oracle protagonists of the digital transformation in the Italian banking world

To achieve effective and lasting effects, true innovation cannot be superficial but must start from the bottom up

Complex actions, speed and measurability (parameters that are not to be disregarded today) can no longer be managed successfully using traditional approaches.
In this respect, Cabel has perfectly understood that, in order to provide banks with high-performance tools for satisfying new market demands, the core banking system as it is known today

needs to be revolutionized. Thanks to its partnership with Oracle, Cabel was able to develop a digitally native platform making the most of Oracle’s broad technological and digital expertise and Cabel’s deep knowledge of the banking system, business processes and the Italian legislation.

The solution is based on the localization, for the Italian market, of Oracle FLEXCUBE, the worldwide consolidated core banking application.

Oracle FLEXCUBE in numbers

Countries where it is installed
Over 600
Customers with important references in all banking segments
Over 26 billion
Bank transactions processed every year by Oracle FLEXCUBE


Cabel’s information system is partly based on the new FLEXCUBE platform for almost all its core banking systems, with modules such as customer information files, current accounts, foreign accounts, credit (with the exception of impaired loans management), portfolio, accounting, etc.

Due to a new architecture, Cabel is able to provide its customers with vertical modules (e.g. customer information files, current accounts, etc.) that are integratable now and in the future.


Commercial offer

of the technical offer

Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking offers a modern, flexible and modular architecture completely based on SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) paradigms. FLEXCUBE covers the entire Core Banking spectrum and is complete with channel monitoring components managed with the aid of parameterizable work-flows.


Performance and flexibility

  • Flexible, rule-based and event-driven product
  • Quick reconfiguration of existing products
  • High performance and reduced execution times


  • Parallel and Multi Stream Batch Processing with ample configuration possibilities
  • Rapid development in handling future evolutions
  • Less manual processing of exceptions
  • Availability of Purging tools to reduce data size
  • Fully Automated EOD, built-in scheduler to enable task sequencing
  • Flexible integration model
  • Over 3500 web services available
  • Approach based on servizi on inbound services and outbound notifications.



FLEXCUBE offers an open development environment to enable the creation of interfaces, business logic and integration. It is a multi-lingual and multi-country application capable of feeding analytics natively.


The extensibility framework is managed within FLEXCUBE UBS permette al cliente
di effettuare cambiamenti in piena autonomia, modifiche
che dal punto di vista logico sono considerate estensioni
delle funzionalità esistenti, utilizzabili a copertura di
potenziali gap.

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