BRIO is a web portal for the online sale of bank products. It enables to sign contracts with a digital signature
Like all other Cabel products, this platform was developed according to a very advanced concept based on a completely client-side technology.


Thanks to its responsive interface, this application adapts automatically to any type of device and provides a range of tailor-made products/services that are able to meet the bank’s individual needs.


It is a front-end web interface for promoter channels and branches designed with the aim to bring users and bank operators closer to each other while minimizing the need for users to make repeated trips to the bank.


The application is:

multi-device: suitable for all devices;

multi-utente: i.e. can be used by branches, promoters and agencies alike..


Through well-structured processes, BRIO enables to place the bank products included in the CPT catalogue (e.g. current accounts, dossiers, time deposit, etc.), and manage registry changes, including the update of the relative file documentation, if so required.


BRIO offers the possibility to configure a verification and acceptation process for files opened by the promoter network through a back office application.




Complete dematerialization of documents thanks to the integration with Jform and Viacart.

Digital signature

possibility to sign documents with a digital signature, i.e. the electronic equivalent of a handwritten signature affixed to a paper document. 

Placement of products

Achievable through the integration with the CPT catalogue (current accounts, asset management, dossiers and home banking).

Client registration

Natural and juridical persons, joint ownerships and individual enterprises.

Registry inquiry

Customer data easily retrievable at any time.

Customer relationship inquiry

Customer relationship data easily retrievable with distinct information according to the type of relationship.

New operating concept

BRIO aims to facilitate and streamline sales network operativity and enable both the entire process and single positions to be managed and monitored effectively, with data aligned in real time and consultable from a tablet or a PC. This solution also facilitates the consulting process as it enables to generate proposals starting from fac-simile sheets, simulations and reports.

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