.BANCA is the new point of presence concept consisting in an innovative and automated modular solution for banking customers. It is a Virtual Bank system with a remote operator, which allows users to interact with their personal teller (connected to all the services offered) from any location.

.Banca combines security, confidentiality and operational functionality, just like a conventional bank branch. It enables banks to monitor sites remotely while conducting their day-to-day business, with a substantial reduction in operating costs compared to a traditional branch.


The product has multiple purposes, including the distribution of fidelity /payment cards and the provision of advice and information. Graphometric signature pads and POS payment terminals enable to sign contracts and pay for the service requested. Thanks to technology, involved, the video communication system reassures customers of the presence of an operator at all times.


Through .BANCA, it is possible to perform routine banking operations such as withdrawals, deposits, recharging of cash cards, wire transfers, payment of utility bills, etc. Also, thanks to the video conferencing system, customers can receive guided assistance in filling out and signing documents – such as overdraft applications, bank contracts in general and trading of securities – with a digital signature (Descartes).
Via the aforementioned videoconferencing solution, multiple bank operators are available to give advice on how to manage savings or any other financial requirement.

Where it can be installed

  • distribution networks;
  • small areas;
  • train stations and airports;
  • universities;
  • shopping centers;
  • industrial areas;
  • tourist areas.


Data sheet



customer census via webcam or scanner.


Delivery of plastic cards (such as prepaid or cash cards). Flexible opening times


signing of contacts and various documents via advanced electronic signature devices


printing of documents to be delivered to the customer


possibility of making payments through unattended POS.


Low installation costs for a variety of banking services.


Greater territorial coverage for the bank.



.Banca is completely customizable in terms of structure, materials and functionality.




Cabel proposes a “turnkey” KIT to follow the project from its start and definition phase up to the physical realization of the entire module.


The BOX version is the most complete module of .Banca, designed to ensure greater territorial coverage by the bank, for example, in areas with a high seasonal tourist turnout.




The TOTEM module is small in size and suitable for temporary events, such as fairs and conventions, or in situations with limited space availability.

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