Cabel outsources support to banking companies and financial institutions through high-tech services, with a strong focus on innovation. Given the increasing demand for flexibility among banking customers, technological architectures need to be service-oriented and capable of responding effectively to the demand for operational agility.


Banca Cloud changes the paradigms that regulate the bank-client relationship, since it enables to shift a large number of typical bank features to the digital environment.
Remote recognition and the digital signing of documents enable to acquire new customers, or in any case, manage many processes – even for existing customers – in a practical and streamlined manner.


BANCA CLOUD is the ultimate response to the demands of the current market and the near future. It is a multi-channel and multi-product platform that enables to achieve efficient process automation and data treatment while delivering an excellent user experience at all times.


Numerous transactions, such as the opening of current accounts, the placement of financial products and deployed funds, or even the simple management of changes in customer information files, can be carried out with no need for the customer to be physically present in the bank branch.


This translates into time optimization and a reduction in costs both for customers and banks, as well increased customer perception with regards to their own bank institution, which offers a range of “ready to use” services via digital channels.


The platform enables to perform various strategic banking operations, including:


• acquisition of new customers directly from the Bank’s website through remote recognition and digital signing of the documents required for the registration of customers’ personal data;
• opening of current accounts and release of Mito home banking credentials;
• placement of savings, financial products and deployed funds;
• placement and management of debit and account cards;
• management of changes in customer information files. Documents such as Mifid, Fatca, Crs, Kyc and customer data fields can be updated directly through the platform;
• automated data acquisition process through EasyLoans and Brio for socio-environmental evaluation;
• integration of the Satispay application into the Mito and Mito & C. home banking platform.



The customer engagement phase is achieved through the new platform accessible from the Bank’s website. Product sales processes are accessible from the home banking facility.


opening of an account with remote identification and registration of the new customer in the bank archives, integration with the .IDENTITY product and completion of back-office process via the BRIO platform.



customers can apply for a cash card (Bancomat) or a prepaid debit/credit cart. The PIN code forwarding process is managed automatically. The bank card’s typical parameters (plafond, foreign transactions, etc.) can be set at the moment the card is issued.



customers can manage the opening of a time deposit (TD) account based on the configurations of the product catalogue, with the preparation of all the relevant contracts that can be digitally signed. Customer’s TDs are displayed through the MITO 7 platform.


during the placement process – available through the platform – customers are required to fill out the MIFID questionnaire to define their risk profile.


E’ prevista la gestione della sottoscrizione di capitale sociale, con interazione con campagne promozionali della banca e automatizzazione tutti i processi sia di front che back-end.


Customers can subscribe for fund shares and select and combine their choice with respect to the management lines offered, etc., and also digitally sign the relative forms.



rivate entities, who are already customers of the bank, can take out loans directly online in the form of a personal loan/credit card.


The Banca Cloud platform allows banks to communicate successfully with the audience of the new future and meet its demand for digital services and support channels. With Banca Cloud, navigation is made simple and intuitive and is ideal for attracting an audience that is yet to become accustomed to the digital world.

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