Descartes is a project devised by Cabel for dematerializing documents at source, which are immediately replaced and archived.


Descartes is a set of applications designed by Cabel that enables to manage document dematerialization processes and the application of advanced electronic signatures.


Thanks to its modularity and scalability, Descartes can be gradually introduced by bank institutions and remains flexible in terms of adaptation/integration towards all bank management software systems.
Descartes is certified according to international standards regarding the security of processed data (ISO 27001).
The process devised by Cabel was validated by the most important Italian law firm in the sector.


Thanks to Descartes, companies are able to speed up the work-flow of their main banking processes (e.g. opening of relationships, completion of over- the- counter transactions, etc.); on the other hand, they see a significant reduction in the costs associated with the management of paper documentation.


The process devised by Cabel was validated by the most important Italian law firm in the sector.


Reduced costs

  • Rationalization of costs sustained for the purchase of consumables;
  • significant reduction in internal and external management costs; preservation and destruction of paper documents.



Enhanced efficiency

  • increased “data quality” levels;
  • reduced processing time;
  • rationalization/improved efficiency of operational processes.



Enhanced market attractivenes

  • sincreased levels in the utilization of information for commercial purposes (improved data quality);
  • possibility to offer innovative services;
  • enhanced efficacy of client contact channels (improved flexibility).



Enhanced modernity

Descartes is the passage towards the definition of a new strategy with the digital environment at its core.





A survey conducted in 2009 by ABI Lab showed that a single bank branch produces 120,000 documents in a year, equal to 6 billion printed pages, with an average annual external cost for the physical management of documents of around € 105 million (excluding production and management costs).


Descartes is integrated with the proprietary application Cabel Viacart for the digital preservation of documents with the application of a temporary stamp.

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